Bhutani Bolt – An Investment Guidebook to Gaming and Entertainment


Leisure and entertainment industry has been one of the newest additions to the glossary of the real estate sector. With the evolution of urban audiences and their demands,  the entertainment industry has assumed a lot of significance. Going to theaters, malls and other gaming zones have become an integral lifestyle activity of the urban diaspora. The demands of the urban audience to spend time with family, friends and kids under one destination has become important in the monotonous life. The real estate sector has reacted positively by creating exclusive entertainment zones to meet the growing demand. Bhutani Bolt is one such entertainment zone, which promises to become a complete package of fun, adventure and entertainment for the aspiring community of Delhi-NCR. Let’s take a deeper dive into Bhutani Bolt and the benefits of investments in it.

Project Highlights

Bhutani Bolt is spread across two levels in the commercial project Bhutani Cyberthum in Sector 140 A, Noida Expressway. In a nutshell, Bolt offers thrilling sports, passionate gaming experiences including the most modern virtual reality and bass boosted dolby sound, innovative concepts that promise learning through playing, and much more! A wide range of sports facilities like obstacle courses, bowling, and go karting experiences will bring back your sports memories to a new level. Bolt is an action packed destination made for the powerful urban audience. The never ending features and facilities for all age groups at Bolt include indoor skydiving, mazes and adventure, zero gravity room, snooker, arcades, VR park, indoor trampoline, paintball, beat orbit, roller coaster rides, shooting,  treasure hunt, laser tags and plenty more! Located in the vantage point of Sector 140A, Noida Expressway, Bolt will harness the potential of the urban community residing in and around the sectors. These sectors are poised to become high potential target audiences who will look for entertainment avenues in the future. Bolt will anchor them to the best destination ever in Delhi-NCR.

Why invest in Bolt?

Standalone gaming arcades and entertainment zones are popularly gaining the spotlight of urban life. They offer great possibilities as an asset class to diversify your portfolio. The entertainment business has become an industry worth thousands of crores. Gone are the days of accruing basic retail shops and food joints to satisfy families. The requirements of the evolving urban audience is more than just this. The kids and Gen Z are the decisive factors in the entertainment industry and what more can you expect to get – an opportunity like Bhutani Cyberthum Bolt to tap in the market? Get in touch with Red Maple property consultants in Delhi-NCR now and get your investment afloat!

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