3 Promising Reasons to Invest in Bhutani Cyberthum


The new-age commercial projects are serving the world with highly flexible and interactive workspaces. Their architecture is largely focusing on contextual designs, which have recently gained popularity and demand in the corporate world. In terms of Delhi-NCR, the latest buzz in the new age commercial real estate is the Bhutani Cyberthum – a landmark commercial property located in the prime location of Sector 140 A, Noida. Here are some of the stand-out features of Bhutani Cyberthum that transform it into one of the highly investor-friendly properties in Delhi-NCR.


Cyberthum is a quantum leap to the future of Noida. It celebrates outstanding design excellence and innovation in terms of architecture, interior, and landscape design. The project combines together the value of art and science in construction for enriching the lives of the people. A massive 50 story smart building concept will host all the latest technologies to narrate a redefine commercial experience for occupants. Spread across 27.6-acre mixed-use development, Cyberthum will be the tallest commercial tower with a smart occupant strategy in Delhi-NCR.

  • Leed Platinum Certified Building
  • Constructed with the dry-wall system technique
  • Breathable double skin strategy
  • Double glazed unitized facade system
  • Helipad and ample parking facilities

Office and Retail Spaces

Cyberthum sets a new standard for sustainable skyscrapers in Delhi-NCR. The office towers are designed as vertical campuses with distinct zones for distinct workspaces. The construction stimulates intelligent interactions through two-storey neighbourhoods. One could have unobstructed panoramic views of the metropolitan from the top of it. Cyberthum another shot of attraction is the retail spaces. It establishes an emotional connection between the customers and provides them an emotional shopping experience. The project will have a stunning Sky Mall in one of the high-rise towers.

Investment Opportunity

Redmaple property consultants are offering a highly beneficiary investment opportunity with Bhutani Cyberthum. For investments starting at 54 Lacs*, we are presently giving away lockable retail and office spaces that assure 12 percent Returns on Investments (RoI). Sector 140 A, Noida Expressway will act as the catalyst for your investments. The location will leverage footfall of 8.5 percent of the DMIC catchment area and 57 percent of AKIC in Uttar Pradesh. Noida will witness pan-city expansions with multi-model logistic hubs, industrial parks, and much more to reduce travel time to ports. Cyberthum will be possessing excellent connectivity through Noida Greater Noida Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, FNG Corridor, and Metro Network (Sector 137, 141, ISBT, and CBT) to deliver the great potential for investments to multiply. 

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